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Special Offer Nr1
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A shortcut of available items:

  • AB-Doer Pro (Superior Model)
  • AbTronic: Lowest Price available
  • Aerobed Full Pillowtop
  • Aerobed Full Sized
  • Aerobed Queen Pillowtop
  • Aerolatte
  • Aussie's Outback Stove Top BBQ
  • Best of Bob Hope
  • Cailifonia Beauty's 4pc. Sunless Tanning System
  • Clever Camera
  • Cybersonic Brush Heads, Cybersonic Flossing Attatchment, Cybersonic One Step Bleaching Gel, Cybersonic Tongue Cleaner, CyberSonic Toothbrush,
  • Euro-V Hairbrush
  • Eurossage Pro massager
  • Exerflex - Toning System
  • Family Quick Pool Cover
  • Family Quick Pool with Bag
  • Fast Abs
  • Heel Repair Kit
  • Instagone Stain Remover
  • Ionic Pet Grooming Brush
  • Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit
  • Pro Trim ....and much more

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    Some items:

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    BandFlex Home Gym BandFlex Home Gym

    Maximum user weight: 250 lbs Bungee cord resistance Who needs a spotter when you can safely workout on your own? The BandFlex Home Gym uses bungee cable resistance for the safest and most effective workout you can get at home. The Quick Snap clips allow you to change the resistance level in seconds. Whether your fitness goal is to build muscle or burn fat, the BandFlex Home Gym provides adequate resistance for a variety of different exercises. The BandFlex Home Gym folds away for easy storage. What do I get? BandFlex Home Gym Manufacturer's Warranty: 90 Days Parts, 5 Years on Frame 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Features: Adjustable position bench Sliding seat for rowing and leg press exercises Resistance up to 260 lbs. Shoulder and Bench Press Lat bar, hand grip and belt: 20- 85 lbs. Leg Curl and arm curl: 40- 170 lbs. Exercises include: Bench Press Tricep Pushdown LegPress Chest Fly Aerobic Rowing PreacherCurl Shoulder Press Seated Row LegExtension Abdominal Crunch Standing Bicep Curl Lat Pulldown Leg Curl

    IGIA Cellulift IGIA Cellulift

    IGIA Cellulift : Helps temporarily reduce the look of cellulite. ·Also provides a wonderful massage. ·Easy to use. It's a common problem. Nine out of ten adult American women have some build-up of fatty, lumpy deposits under the surface of their skin, especially in their thighs. Often referred to as "orange-peel skin" or "cottage cheese legs", it's considered aesthetically unpleasant to today's beauty conscious woman. Fortunately, you can now banish your bumps with IGIA Cellulift™ and enjoy a great-feeling massage as well. The IGIA Cellulift™ system has two parts, the specially formulated Cellulift massage gel, and the sensual massager. The gel is a special formulation of three important ingredients: Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Pronalen, a safe and natural caffeine derivative. It helps to smooth and refine cellulite-prone areas. The gel itself will leave your skin feeling tighter and firmer. At the same time, the whole massager vibrates as it glides over your skin, offering a gentle and soothing massage that temporarily flattens the appearance of cellulite. Contoured rollers on the front press and massage the skin layer. Deep heat penetration aids the absorption of the massage gel. Active air suction provides massage-lifting effects between the rollers. Finally, a rear roller smoothes the skin, finishing the process.

    Steam Buggy Steam Buggy

    Steam Buggy Powerful household steam cleaner that cleans effectively without harmful detergents. *Uses ordinary tap water. *Includes carry strap for easy transport. *High-pressure nozzle for loosening dried up grease. This revolutionary cleaning system can be used in just about any room in the house for just about anything! The Steam Buggy lets you clean your house with just ordinary water and the power of steam! Steam buggy can clean, sanitize, disinfect and deodorize! It can also steam away mold and mildew from bathroom tiles and even soap scum from faucets, all this with just water! The power of steam can also loosen burnt grease in the kitchen, just steam then wipe! This amazing cleaning system can even clean your carpets! It comes with a handy floor attachment that allows steam to penetrate deep into carpets, loosening and dissolving dirt and stains, all this as it eliminates bacteria from below the carpet's surface! Cleaning window treatments is extra easy with the Steam Buggy! The extra long hose and extension cord allows you to steam clean any window treatment without having to take them down from the windows! The amazing cleaning machine! What do I get? Steam Buggy Unit with carry strap 6-foot hose High-pressure nozzle Extension cord You also get a BONUS ACCESSORY PACKAGE that includes: Scrub brush, Window cleaner, Floor cleaner, Measuring cups, Carry cover.

    Rio Ab Builder Rio Ab Builder

    Build your abdominal muscles effortlessly. · Tone several areas simultaneously. Don't let the name fool you, the Ab Builder™ not only helps you tone and define your abdominal muscles but it also helps you work on other areas you would like to tone. It is a small, lightweight EMS toning system that is designed to help you tone and tighten your body. In addition to toning the midsection, the Ab Builder™ can be used to tone your thighs, calves, biceps, triceps and pecs. Simply follow the directions and apply the adhesive pads to the area you would like to tone. It comes with eight adhesive pads that can tone several areas simultaneously

    Epil Stop and Spray Epil Stop and Spray

    Just a few minutes with Epil Stop and Spray will leave you hair-free for up to six weeks! It's the newest addition to the famous Epil Stop family of hair removal products and the perfect way to remove unwanted hair from anywhere on your body! Simply spray on the desired area and, after a few minutes, wipe away the unwanted hair! It really is that easy! Shaving and waxing can be time-consuming and sometimes painful, that's why Epil Stop and Spray was invented! It's also formulated with Vitamin C and E and comes in a fresh Citrus scent. It smells great, removes unwanted hair painlessly and it's so easy to use! What more can you ask for in a hair remover? With your order you will also receive a bonus Epil Stop Roll-On enriched with Aloe Vera for targeting smaller areas like your upper lip and eyebrows. So stop suffering through painful hair removal treatments and order Epil Stop and Spray today!

    Proactiv® Acne Treatment  Kit Proactiv® Acne Treatment Kit

    There are so many myths about acne and skin care and Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy A. Fields want to set the record straight. Rodan and Fields, the makers of the Proactiv® Solution would like the public to know the truth about acne. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! Acne is caused by your and hormones and skin's inability to slough off old, dead cells. It's in your genes! It is NOT caused by dirt or eating too many fried foods and chocolate. Over washing your face can actually make blemishes worse. Proactiv® is a solution specifically designed to control the effects of acne. When you use it, you fight blemishes before they surface. That means you can prevent tomorrow's acne today! In addition, Proactiv® actually heals the acne you already have. The Proactiv® approach gently unclogs and cleans the pores in your skin to avoid drying and flaking. Finally, it destroys the bacteria that can cause inflammations, ensuring that red, unsightly bumps are eliminated.

    FoodSaver Vac 550 FoodSaver Vac 550

    FoodSaver Vac 550 :- Seals food quickly and easily for storage. Always liked those meats you buy in the grocery store and deli that are vacuum packed for freshness? Love to buy in bulk and then freeze your shopping to save you time and money? FoodSaver® Compact II is the state-of-the-art vacuum packaging technology that's great for at-home food vacuum packaging. The FoodSaver® has all the features of industrial style, vacuum packaging while it stores easily, is compact and kitchen counter top in size. This is the easiest way to have commercial quality vacuum storage for all of your home needs.

    Revolution Strobe Revolution Strobe

    The Revolution Strobeý is an antigravity levitating device that is an ideal decoration for your desktop. The Revolution Strobeý is a round device that has twin red lights that flash when it spins on a marble-like platform. It's easy to use, all you need to do is gently touch the spinning device and it begins a smooth, long-lasting spin. As it spins, the spinning device provides stop motion effects, mesmerizing patterns and reverse rotation illusions. To turn on the twin lights simply touch the on switch (two metal dots) and watch it light up. The Revolution Strobeý has an automatic shut off feature to preserve the life of the battery.

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